Social Engagement

An affirming community starts here. With a sense of belonging and inclusion, we hold consistent social events that allow all to build a network of like-minded and supportive peers aimed to help you have an environment that allows you to share your authentic self and discover passions and meaningful relationships.

How It Works

  • Social activities – Our youth council, comprised of angel landing participants, come up with fun and engaging activities on a regular basis. Activities are aimed to give you the opportunity to engage in fun activities with like-minded and supportive peers; with the goal to help build your network and give opportunity for you to share your authentic self in a supportive environment.
  • Discover passions – Have a passion for art, music, or sports? Or want to learn to cook? Play an instrument? Program a computer? Angels Landing works with directly with you to discover and explore passions and skills that bring you happiness and self-worth. For many, even knowing where to start can be difficult. We pair you with a community member who shares a similar passion and can help teach and mentor you in your personal discovery. Each mentor brings the experience, passion, and support to help guide you as you start your own journey with a new skill or hobby.
  • Celebrating you- All of our youth have a unique and beautiful story. We want to celebrate what makes you, you! Through social media, websites, awards, and events, we create a platform that helps recognize the beauty you bring to your community.


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