Future Leaders

We believe that as you recognize and find your unique potential in life, you will gain the desire to elevate others along a similar journey. Future leaders help you recognize the potential within yourself and gain the confidence to take on leadership roles at work, at home, and in your communities. Through a series of interactive workshops, service opportunities, and mentorships, you can learn the values and character traits of successful leaders who elevate their communities. The capstone experience is an international leadership service retreat; giving you the opportunity to use your newfound leadership as you get involved in service opportunities abroad.

“I want people to know that I am capable. A lot of the times people get so used to telling me what they think is best for me. But in reality, I’m the only one who truly knows.”


How It Works

  • You will be paired with a mentor who will work closely with you throughout their Future Leaders experience.
  • You will be expected to meet certain requirements demonstrating your leadership skills including community service opportunities, mentoring other youth, and attending workshops.
  • Completion of six interactive workshops developed around critical leadership traits such as conflict resolution, Communication, team building, Emotional Intelligence, Compassion based leadership, Goal, and decision making. At the end of the workshops, and with the support from your mentor, you will create a personal two, five, and ten-year roadmap.
  • Leadership service retreat- an international trip that gives you the opportunity to use your new found leadership traits as you get involved in service opportunities abroad. You will have the opportunity to learn and experience new cultures and gain life experience through service opportunities abroad.


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Your donation goes directly to our youth and helps sponsor a youth to learn leadership skills and participate in our international leadership retreat.