Financial Literacy

To plan for your secure financial future you need the confidence and know-how to practice smart money management. That’s why in our Financial Fitness series, our lived experience staff share their first-hand knowledge about budgeting, smart saving habits, and investment strategies. You’ll also be paired with a coach to support you on your journey to financial self-sufficiency.

Financial Fitness 101

Financial Fitness 101 empowers transition-age foster youth to begin the journey from surviving to thriving through learning foundational financial literacy concepts to establish healthy money habits.

How Does It Work?

We understand that you are working hard to become financially independent to meet your needs and overcome moments of crisis. Financial Fitness 101 was created to support you in creating new healthy financial habits through a self-paced online curriculum.

Financial Fitness 101 Participants Will:

  1. Be paired with a coach to support you in creating a financial action plan.
  2. Practice making informed and healthy decisions with your money.
  3. Develop knowledge and skills for banking, budgeting, and saving consistently.

Financial Fitness 102

Financial Fitness 102 provides participants opportunities to further develop core financial literacy concepts while making progress towards financial security/stability by establishing a rainy day fund.

How Does It Work?

Financial Fitness 102 is Angels Landing intermediate financial literacy service delivered as a six-week group workshop learning experience with individual weekly assignments. In FF 102, participants explore their values, goals, and relevant external influences and develop the core financial capability concepts of earning, spending, saving, investing, borrowing, and protecting their money. As participants add to their savings account, Angels Landing will contribute a matched portion to achieve a meaningful rainy day fund. Financial Fitness 102 Coaches attend workshops and individual meetings with participants to develop long-lasting, meaningful relationships to facilitate a lifetime of financial well-being.

Financial Fitness 103

Financial Fitness 103 offers transition-age foster youth opportunities to learn more advanced financial knowledge and skills while focusing on long-term investing.

How Does It Work?

Financial Fitness 103 offers monthly workshops on financial topics such as investing, retirement planning, loans, taxes, home ownership, entrepreneurship, and much more. The intention of Financial Fitness 103 is to have participants become knowledgeable investors by learning how to create a diversified, low-cost investment portfolio that reflects the participant’s individual goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon. Each participant is paired with an advisor who will coach and guide them throughout the duration of the service. Additionally, eligible participants can receive matched savings from Angels Landing for their investment accounts!


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