Essential Education

Exploring education can be both exciting and also intimidating. Whether it’s finally finishing that high school diploma, attending a trade school, enrolling in a 2 or 4 year college, working on that masters or PHD, we are here to join you on your education journey and make sure you have the resources and support essential to your success.

How It Works

College Bound

For those enrolled in two and four year programs, college bound connects you with critical resources such as laptops, printers, school supplies, and more. Along with these resources, we connect you with community tools and resources that ensure you have the support and skills as your start your learning journey. These include access to school counselors, tutoring, peer groups, FASFA assistance, grant and scholarship assistance.

How It Works

Education Pathways

Angels Landing provides workshops dedicated to helping with studying tips, note-taking, presentations, basic computer skills, FASFAs, and more. We host Pathway Events, which connect you with community and education partners who help outline various career paths. Helping you to identify which education programs will lead you to your dream career. As well as outlining the specific experience needed, salary information, and more about your various career choices.


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