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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Angels Landing. We are so excited and grateful for you and the time you are willing to give to the youth we serve. One of our volunteer coordinators will reach out to you in the next 3 – 5 business days to setup a time for you to complete our volunteer orientation and discuss which volunteer opportunities are best for you

Code of Conduct Agreement

Angels Landing is a youth-serving, community-based organization dedicated to providing emancipated foster youth with opportunities for self-sufficiency through emergency support, essential resources, and caring personal guidance at critical junctures on their path to independence. Participation in Angels Landing’s programs is subject to the observance of the organization’s rules and procedures. Any volunteer, participant or staff member who violates this Code is subject to discipline, up to and including removal from the program.

As A Volunteer, I Will:

  • Safeguard youth entrusted to my care at all times.
  • Treat everyone with respect, loyalty, patience, integrity, courtesy, dignity, and consideration.
  • Use positive reinforcement rather than criticism, competition, or comparison when working with youth.
  • Report suspected abuse to the board or Executive Director.
  • Obey all traffic laws when driving former foster youth.
  • Hold myself free of any interest, influence or relationship regarding any activity that could impair judgment or objectivity, or which in the reasonable view of the observer, has that effect.

As A Volunteer, I Will Not:

  • Use abusive language or profanity towards a staff member, youth or volunteer.
  • Practice nor tolerate discrimination or harassment against any staff member, volunteer or former foster youth on the ground of race, creed, color, place of origin, ethnic origin, ancestry, citizenship, political or religious affiliation, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, family relationship, economic status, identity, disability or record of offences.
  • Inappropriately use, possess or be under the influence of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs on Angels Landing’s property or while with former foster youth.
  • Bring onto Angels Landing’s property dangerous or unauthorized materials such as explosives, firearms, weapons or other similar items.
  • Be discourteous or rude to a fellow participant, staff member or volunteer.
  • Verbally, physically or visually harass another participant, staff member or volunteer.
  • Threaten or display any violence toward any individual or group.
  • Endanger the life, safety, health or well-being of others.
  • Fail to follow Angels Landing’s policies or procedures.
  • Bully or take unfair advantage of any participant.
  • Pose any health risk to youth or other participants / volunteers / staff (i.e., no fevers or other contagious situations).
  • Strike, spank, shake, or slap youth, volunteer or other Angels Landing personnel.
  • Humiliate, ridicule, threaten, or degrade youth or other Angels Landing personnel.
  • Engage in an inappropriate manner with the youth or other Angels Landing personnel.
  • Use any discipline that frightens or humiliates youth.
  • Drive a vehicle not in compliance with regulations and/or inspections while driving youth.

As A Volunteer, I Am Committed To:

Personal Responsibility

  • Be dependable, recognizing the commitment and responsibility to my volunteer assignment(s)
  • Accept assignment(s) consistent with my interest, abilities, and available time
  • Accept assignment(s) with an open mind and a willingness to learn
  • Accept feedback from my supervisor in order to do the best job possible
  • Avoid conflict of interest situations and refrain from actions that may be perceived as such. Volunteers should reveal any potential or actual conflicts of interest as they arise
  • Not accept tips, request meals to be paid for, or otherwise accept payment for my volunteer work
  • Address ethical concerns by speaking directly with the colleague/responder with whom I have the concern; and when necessary, report such to my leader in the defined chain of command
  • Carrying out all activities in a manner that maintains the good reputation of Angels Landing and its ability to serve the public interest.


  • Treat all individuals with a sense of dignity, respect, and worth. Make a personal commitment to be nonjudgmental about cultural differences, living conditions and the life-style of each person with whom I work.
  • Abstain from the use of photo, audio or video recording equipment without permission from youth being pictured and/or Angels Landing.
  • Respect all confidential information. Volunteers are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of all proprietary or privileged information to which they are exposed while serving as a volunteer, whether this information involves a single staff, volunteer, client or other person.
  • Not preach to anyone or pressure anyone to accept my political, cultural, or religious beliefs
  • Comply with mandated reporting in cases of suspected child and vulnerable adult abuse or neglect.
  • Respect and use all equipment appropriately and as required for my assignment. Abstain from the use of Angels Landing equipment/resources for personal use.

Waiver Of Liability

n addition, as a volunteer and/or donor for Angels Landing, I hereby forever release the organization and their volunteers from any responsibility or legal liability for any injury or damage that may occur to my person or equipment resulting from my volunteer work with this organization. I hereby also agree freely, voluntarily and expressly to assume and accept any and all risks of injury to any body part. I further assert that I carry my own health insurance policy and will cover all expenses for any injury solely through my own resources and insurance. I also assert that I maintain full comprehensive liability insurance on my vehicle.

I further agree to not make any financial or civil claim against or sue the above-stated organization or their officers or members for any injuries or damages. I assume full responsibility for such injuries or damages.


I hereby authorize Angels Landing to copyright, publish, use, and assign any and all photographic portraits or pictures, television spots, movie films, video tapes, and/or sound recordings or any part thereof that the stated organizations have taken or made of me or in which I may be included in whole or in part while participating in activities.

I also grant permission to allow these images and/or recordings to be put to legitimate use at Angels Landing’s discretion. I relinquish all rights, title, or interests to any finished products, reproductions, or facsimiles. I grant use and rights to exhibit such pictures and recordings (original copies) and facsimiles thereof, to any responsible individual, firm, publications, or any of these assignees. I understand that I will not be paid for the use of these materials and I waive my right to seek compensation for their use.

I hereby waive any right I may have to inspect and/or approve the finished product or the advertising copy that may be used in connection therewith or the use to which may be applied.

I have read and I understand Angels Landing’s Code of Conduct, Waiver of Liability and Publication Release as stated above. By signing below, I agree to abide by the rules described above and understand that I may be removed as a participant if I violate any of these rules. In addition, I have carefully read these agreements and am fully aware that this is a binding contract providing comprehensive release of liability toward the above-stated organization as well as a release from any claim, liability or obligation as it relates to publications, videos and photos. I shall not own or claim any rights to such products nor to any portion thereof and I waive all claims for any compensation for such use or for damages.

Please review the volunteer code of conduct.
If you agree with these terms, check “I Agree” below.

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