Community Partners

From everyone at Angels Landing & from our youth, thank you!

From everyone at Angels Landing and from our youth, thank you!

Thank you to each of our volunteers, community partners, and investors who give their time and resources to the foundation. Because of you our youth gain access to essential resources and create meaningful relationships necessary for achieving success in their lives.


Cara Brook, Nick Killpack, & Seint

We extend special appreciation and recognition to Cara Brook, Nick Killpack, and the incredible people at Seint. Cara and Nick’s vision, desire for change, and love are the reasons this foundation exists. Because of their drive to generate positive change, the lives of the youth the foundation works with will be forever blessed. Furthermore, the financial support and resources from Seint are essential in ensuring the foundation will continue to support youth for years to come.

To Cara, Nick, the Seint artists, and Seint employees, thank you for all you do.


Seint is a cosmetic company founded on the principle that “helping others look beautiful is nice but helping them believe they are beautiful is life-changing.” Cara Brook, founder, and CEO of Seint, established two non-profit foundations, Love is Never Wasted and Angels Landing, with the intent to promote awareness about foster care and to positively impact youth in her community. Seint provides financial backing, social resources, and more for both the Love is Never Wasted and Angels Landing nonprofit foundations. Together these foundations support foster families and youth through the entirety of their experience. From a first-day foster experience to the transition out, Love is Never Wasted and Angel’s Landing are here for you.

Just in Time for Foster Youth

For 20 years, Just in Time has developed life-changing solutions for youth leaving foster care with services that develop self-sufficiency and provide stability. Former foster youth have access to critical resources, empowering services, and essential relationships with a community of caring and committed volunteers. Just in Time works to ensure a future in which every youth leaving the foster care system has a community of caring adults waiting for them after 18.

100k Community

What is the 100K Community? The 100K Community is a nationwide movement that seeks to impact 100,000 young adults who have been affected by foster care annually by the year 2032. Rather than a traditional “systems” model of service that consistently and perpetually delivers dismal outcomes for young people impacted by foster care, our goal is to establish a community-based alternative with Empowering solutions that are designed and owned by former foster youth themselves. This new mental model will create collective, real, and lasting positive change that transforms foster care forever. The 100K Community is led by Just in Time for Foster Youth, a San Diego based non-profit, and includes partners nationwide who are foster youth alumni, service providers, agencies and advocacy organizations, funders, policymakers, and influencers.

Angels Landing would like to share our gratitude to Just in Time, who, through the 100k Community, has provided essential resources, proven programs, mentoring, training, and endless hours of support in order to ensure the development of a successful organizational component for the Angels Landing Foundation. To learn more about Just in Time and Angels Landings partnership in the 100k Community CLICK HERE

Community Partners

At Angels Landing, we strive to build caring communities where youth can rely on supportive relationships to guide them as they enter adulthood. Collaboration with incredible community members and businesses is essential to creating an environment where each youth can become the best version of themselves. Our goal is to partner with key stakeholders who can help drive lasting impact in the lives of our youth.

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We want to recognize and thank the incredible individuals and organizations who have contributed to the Angels Landing Foundation. Their generous support allows Angels Landing to continue in our mission to build communities centered on empowering young adults to transition from foster care to achieve self-sufficiency and create a life they love. For more information on how you can make a lasting impact, go to Ways to Give or contact us at