Annual Report

As a 501(c)3 non-profit, Angels Landing is dedicated to ensuring our mission directly supports our community and that we utilize donor contributions in a way that maximizes the intended impact for youth. We work closely with our board to confirm full compliance with all state and federal regulations. Furthermore, our operating model is designed so the majority of contributions directly impact our youth. To date, 100% of contributions, outside of donations from Seint, go directly to youth and youth services. Including donations through Seints’ foundation program, 85 % of all donations are directly related to youth service, with 15% administrative expenses and no fundraising expenses.



Youth &
Your Services

To ensure that donations have a lasting impact for each of our youth, we use specific data metrics that help us identify the influence of each service we provide. Our first metric is touchpoints. Touchpoints are meaningful moments of contact and can be measured by things such as the number of volunteer hours, financial incentives provided to youth, attendance at workshops and social events, graduation rates, employment rates, etc. By collecting this data, we learn the specific programs with which youth engage and where to best use our resources. The second and most important metric is Youth Impact Surveys. These surveys help us measure the impact of each of our programs from the perspective of the youth and their measure of self-sufficiency, well-being, and life satisfaction. By obtaining the youth’s opinion, we begin to understand the influence our program is making on each individual, and we also identify ways to adapt our service model to better meet the needs of our youth.


ANGELS LANDING has 501(3)(c) status. (TAX ID# 83-1245195)

We understand it’s important to know your investment in Angels Landing is used efficiently and successfully. That’s why we’re committed to sharing financial statements that accurately reflect the costs of providing our transformative services to the population we serve.

Our impact Data, Annual Reports, and 990s will be available soon. Until then, you may request a copy of our financial statements or our annual statements from Executive Director Nathan Marsh @