Foster Care Unites Us,
It Doesn’t Define Us

About Angel Landing

Up to 40% of foster youth who age out of foster care experience homelessness by age 24; less than 4% will graduate college; over 65% will have income below the poverty line; and over 80% will struggle with mental health issues. Angles Landing seeks to break this cycle and change the narrative. The Angels Landing Foundation is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit that supports youth ages 18-26 as they transition from foster care to independent living. Our foundation builds strong community connections to ensure each youth has a support system, knows they are loved, and understands they are confident and capable young adults. Each youth is an incredible and unique person, filled with potential. When given the support and opportunity, we believe each youth is capable of facing the challenges of life, becoming their best selves, and building a life they love.

How is Angels Landing Different?

Angels Landing seeks to change the narrative by building a community of support for each youth. We do this by not only providing resources and support but also by changing the way we view former foster youth. We focus on two key principles: First, the voice of the youth is the center of everything. Second, meaningful relationships are the foundation of our success. At Angels Landing, we seek to uplift and build a platform to support the ideas, dreams, and goals of our youth. We help them understand that they matter and that they are capable of making choices that lead to their fulfillment. To achieve this, we listen and create a platform for each youth to share their voice. Our programs, workshops, and mentorships focus on providing the skills and tools each youth needs to feel confident in navigating life decisions and ultimately discovering their personal view of happiness.

We Believe

The young people we work with likely have just as much if not more life experience, knowledge and perspective to share with us as we have to share with them

That fun, creativity and humor are important medicine

Everyone has something unique to offer and helping them see that for themselves is one of life’s joys

History of Angels Landing

Seint Beauty CEO and Founder Cara Brook along with her husband Nick Killpack are foster parents. In 2018, they started Love is Never Wasted foundation to dispel negative stereotypes surrounding foster care, demonstrate the positive impact of loving families, and encourage families to open their homes to foster children. Through their growing involvement with the foster community, they recognized the lack of support for youth as they transitioned to young adults and left foster care. They searched for a local organization that supported transition-age foster youth, but that search came up empty. There were no local organizations with the specific purpose of supporting former foster youth. This needed to change. Cara and Nick were prepared to fill the need. In 2022, with the support of Seint Beauty, they created The Angels Landing Foundation. Angels Landing works in tandem with Love is Never Wasted Foundation to complete Cara, Nick, and Seint’s vision to support and uplift the foster community. They believe everyone can have a support system to navigate a successful life.

Mission Statement

We envision a world where every youth transitioning from foster care has a support system to help them navigate their world and create a life they love.

Guided by love and compassion, we seek to provide resources, extend opportunities, and generate connections that create a community so no youth feels lost or lacks the support they need to build a better future.

Most importantly, we dedicate ourselves to the cause that each youth knows they are a unique and beautiful person, that they matter and are loved.

Who We Serve

Angels Landing serves transition-age foster youth ages 18-26. Whether you spent 1 day or 18 years in foster care, you qualify. Did you age out? Reunify with natural family? Were you adopted? Kinship supports? Still in foster care but over 18? You qualify! Any youth with lived foster experience is eligible to receive support.

We Encourage Youth To Be:

  • Employed or seeking employment
  • Attending school (college, university, trade school) or seeking to attain an education

Our services are for foster youth who want their voice to be heard and who are ready to make a positive impact in their life but who may need guidance on how to get there. Angels Landing wants to work with you to help support you and build a life you love.

Services We Offer

Angels Landing builds communities centered on empowering young adults transitioning from foster care to achieve self-sufficiency and create a life they love. To achieve this, we focus on two main principles. First, our youth and their voice is the driving factor for change. Our youth are capable, young adults who, when given the opportunity, will be their own catalysts to achieve success and happiness as defined by them. Second, relationships are the critical component to allow each youth to remove barriers in their life and allow them to reach their potential. Services for youth are centered around each youth finding stability in the following areas; Wellness, Education, Housing and Transport, Social Passions, and Finances. For more information about services offered, click on the youth services tab or contact us at

Each youth will be paired up with a caring adult volunteer. Mentors play a critical role in helping each youth recognize and set goals to help develop self-sufficiency. Mentors will meet with youth at least monthly to review goals and set upcoming plans, attend events and training with youth, connect youth with other community resources, and more. Most importantly, mentors provide a consistent and compassionate adult in the lives of each of the youth, providing youth a connection with someone who cares for them and who they can reach out to in their time of need.

Want to learn how to cook? Need help with your resume? Have a passion for painting? Or love working on cars? Whatever skill you need to learn or whatever your passion and hobbies may be, we have a coach for you. Each of our volunteer coaches brings their expertise in life skills and personal hobbies. One of the most critical aspects of self-development is discovering passions and hobbies that bring a sense of purpose. Our goal is that each youth is connected with caring and passionate adults who not only help them build critical life skills but also help each youth discover passions and hobbies that bring them happiness.

Basic needs are aimed at removing short-term barriers that transition-age foster youth often face. Whether it’s help with housing, transportation, groceries, clothing, bills, etc. Angels Landing can help identify and provide solutions for youth allowing them to focus on personal growth and development rather than feeling trapped and unsure of their future.

We believe that by building a community of support, each youth will have the confidence and resources needed to live a meaningful and happy life. By being able to network with community partners, local businesses, and community members, we are able to ensure youth can feel confident and connected in obtaining support in all facets of life.

Angels Landing holds regular social activities as well as service opportunities for our youth to help them build a social network of like-minded peers, have meaningful and fun experiences, and provide opportunities for our youth to give back to their community and gain a sense of well-being through service for others.

Through a series of workshops and assignments, the future leaders program develops core leadership principles centered around helping each youth prepare for leadership roles in work, family, community, religious, and other settings. Youth who complete all requirements will finish the program by participating in an international service trip. This trip is about youth experiencing new cultures and positively impacting a new community through service and compassion as they utilize leadership skills.

We provide a series of workshops aimed at helping youth cultivate skills and connect with resources necessary to achieve self-sufficiency. Workshops range from resume building, job skills, interview prep, financial training, budgeting, career exploration, mindfulness, mental health, and more. Workshop times will be available on our calendar of events and are open to all youth to attend as often as they would like.

In conjunction with our workshops, Angels Landing offers several programs aimed at supporting the youth. Programs like

  • College Bound: helps youth complete their FASFA, apply for school, and provides resources like laptops and books.
  • Dress for Success: helps youth obtain professional clothing for job interviews.
  • My First Home: helps youth with basic housing needs such as kitchenware, bed and dresser, couches, etc.

For a full list of services, click on our youth service page or contact us at

More About Services

For a full list of services, click on our youth service page or contact us at


How We Measure Impact

We want to ensure the time and resources of the foundation are best utilized to have a lasting impact on each of our youth. To do this, we use specific data metrics that help us see and know the impact of each service we provide. Our first metric is touchpoints. Touchpoints are meaningful moments of impact and can be measured by things such as the number of volunteer hours, financial incentives provided to youth, attendance at workshops and social events, graduation rates, employment rates, etc. By collecting this data, we can see which programs youth are utilizing and where to best use our resources. The second and more important metric is youth impact surveys. These surveys help us see the impact of each of our programs directly from each youth. By being able to measure the impact from the perspective of each youth, we can not only see the impact a program is making for each youth but learn how to change and adjust our service model to better meet the needs of our youth.

Our Values

A – Achieve Greatness

While we believe that there is potential for greatness within all of us, for some, seeing their own potential can be difficult. We aim to provide a roadmap that allows others to see their true potential and discover the confidence needed to achieve greatness.

N – Nurture Support

Because seeking help can often be difficult, we strive to make it a process that encourages and uplifts the individual. Empathy and understanding drive our cause to help, and we seek to do so in a way respectful and mindful of the circumstances behind the need.

G – Guide hope

We believe that no matter who you are, there is purpose and meaning to your life. We seek to help you identify your purpose and discover the courage needed to live a life full of meaning and happiness. Most importantly, we strive to help everyone understand a simple principle, “You Matter”.

E – Elevate beyond

No matter how difficult the path has been, everyone’s story is unique and beautiful. We celebrate the challenges, differences, and circumstances unique to each person; because they make you who you are, a beautiful person.

L – Lead with Love

Love and empathy are the foundation of every decision and action we make. The work we do matters; and when that work is driven by love, we can transcend beyond any obstacle to embrace the opportunity to change lives.


Everyone should have a support system
to help them successfully navigate life

What We Believe

Everyone should have a support system to guide and help them as they learn to navigate their world and work to create a life they love.

Why Angels Landing Is Needed

Through no fault of their own, young adults transitioning out of foster care can feel lost. Very often, they lack the resources, knowledge, and support to find success and happiness in life.

Measure Of Success

Creating lasting impact by helping transition age foster youth gain self sufficiency, a sense well being, overall life satisfaction through lasting relationships and connections in the community.

The Vision

Angels Landing builds communities centered on empowering young adults transitioning from foster care to achieve self sufficiency, and create a life they love.